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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lost Ships In Bermuda Triangle - Ellen Austin

The Ellen Austin was an American schooner, a large multi-masted ship weighing over 1800 tons and was 210 feet long.

The ship was manufactured way back in 1854 in Maine. She used to ply between London and New York over the Bermuda Triangle zone in the Atlantic ocean.

In 1881 during one of her London - New York trips, she met with another ship on the way which was moving in good speed. Strangely, the other ship had no one onboard.
In order to salvage this unnamed ship, the captain of the Ellen Austin sent some of his prize crew on board this ship. When the crew boarded the ship, they in fact confirmed that there was not a single soul on board.

The captain of Ellen Austin ordered the crew to guide the ship so that they could all sail together to New York. After two days, the two ships got separated by a huge sea storm. And when the storm subsided, the unnamed ship was gone and never seen again.

Yes, the mystery of the ship is still being explored. The crew and the unknown ship could never be traced again.

However, in 1944, a retired British navy officer, Commander Gould wrote about this incident. In his article, he mentioned that the ship was actually found again by the Ellen Austin, but again like last time, there was no one on board. And the ship was sailing erratically. The crew were also gone.

The captain of Ellen Austin again sent some crew to the ship to salvage it. In few days time, the ship again disappeared and was never traced again.

While the first part of the story is confirmed, the second part could not be confirmed due to lack of proper evidence. Many initially related the case to UFOs and imagined that it could be a case of abduction by the aliens.

The fact is, the mystery is not yet solved to date. Note that Ellen Austin started its journey on December 5, 1880 from London and finally reached New York on February 11, 1881. It was an unusually long journey and indicates that a lot of time was spent in searching for the unnamed ship.

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