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Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Amazing Dragons

1. Kazilik

Beautiful Scarlet dragons with green black markings are Turkish Kazilik. Their known members are Iskierka, Bezaid and Sherazde. The excellent fire breathing ability of the Kazilik, makes them special and valuable. They are heavyweight dragons when most fire breathers are light to middleweight. Kaziliks are difficult to disguise or decoy, a common tactic used to protect fire breathing dragons, because of their two distinctive horns. The species is known a for strong fighting spirit, which only further increased their military value. A Kazilik egg was worth 500,000 pounds.

21. Red Dragon

The producers of deadly balls of fire, the Red Dragons are greedy and covetous. They were found in warm habitats, such as volcanoes or tropical islands. Their cunning nature and vanity made them more of an enemy than a friend. A red dragon can be identified by is long wings and two long horns. He has a long, red, forked tongue with gleaming eyes. The breed smells of smoke and sulfur. They killed people and loved to drink their blood.

3. Aquatic/Marine Dragon

Aquatic or marine dragons are also known as sea serpents. Some of the prehistoric dragon species were aquatic or semi-aquatic. These aquatic dragons survived the cataclysmic mass extinction which occurred about 65 million years ago. Some of these new dragons recolonized the land, occupying a world vacated by dinosaurs and earlier dragons. Their supplementary limbs evolved into fully functional wings of flying dragons. As time passed, they adapted to a fully aquatic life and their rudimentary wings became fins. It is also said that sea dragons had a pair of horns a “collar” or neck frill. Loch Ness Monster is an excellent example of the sea dragons.

4. Blue Dragon

Blue dragons like other dragons have their own distinctive traits. They are thoughtful, vain and lawful. They loved to live in hot, dry areas such as sandy deserts. This particular breed had unique and strange shaped frilled ears and a single horn upon his head. His eyes were smooth, glossy, and without pupils. The blue dragons were large.

5. Flecha-del-Fuego – Arrow of The Fire

Spanish lightweight breed can breathe fire. It has a black body with white wings and red head shoulders, neck and the front of their wings. They are about 40-50 feet tall and weighs between 8-10 tons. The males have horns and frills like the Kazilik. It can breathe fire up to 50 yards maintaining it for 1½ minutes. They are extremely fast and maneuverable and their streamlined wings help them take fast and sharper turns than most dragons. Yellow Reaper breed is unfairly maligned but they have some good qualities too. They can bear extreme weather conditions and are good humored.

6. Green Dragon

Of the four chromatic colored dragons, Green Dragons are the weakest. They were considered evil in nature. The green dragon is master of intrigue, politics, and backbiting. Green dragons inhabited forests. The dragon is huge with long neck and legs. It’s head is covered in hornets and it resembles a brontasaurus. Green dragons love to play with their prey. The dragon is good at tracking and breathes poisonous gas, that is, a toxic chlorine gas.

7. Regal Copper Dragon

These British dragons are decedents of the the Spanish Cauchador Real mixed with the smaller British breed known as Bright Coppers. They are very large with red to yellow coloring. Their common members are Maximus, Laetificat, Requiescat. It was a successful breeding experiment, as Regal Coppers were both larger than their ancestors and better able to sustain flight over distance. They were not prolific, with only four or five Regal Coppers born in a generation. Adult Regal Coppers weighed as much as 50 tons and were as long as 120 feet and female Regal Coppers tended to be slightly larger than males.

8. Lung Shen Dragon

Lung Shen Dragons are Chinese dragons with various shades of blue-gray. They sometimes have a spiked spine. These dragons existed in variable sizes. This is one of the most old breed of the dragon parenting many superior Chinese dragons with a design similar to the British Yellow Reaper. Their appearance and size varied greatly, but their blue-grey coloring seemed to be their main common point. They and the other species originating from them have long wings. They served variety of purposes including mass transit for humans, carrying freight, nursemaiding dragonets, and entering the civil service. Shen-lung in the civil service wore colored silk collars indicating their ranks. The wisest among the Lung Shen dragons were granted the privilege of mating with an Imperial.

9. Yellow Reaper

These middleweight yellowish golden colored dragons are Yellow Reapers. Yellow Reapers are British dragons. They weigh between 12–15 tons. Dragons are known for their hot temperament and fiery nature but strangely enough these dragons have distinctive even temperament. They are calm and slow in their motions, with a top speed of approximately 20 knots. The larger Regal Coppers capable of faster (though not longer) flight. Yellow Reapers have an average wingspan of 80 feet and are generally around 50 feet long.

10. Lung Yin Dragon – The Imperial Dragon

These huge and heavyweight Chinese dragons are known for their intelligence. Lung Yin dragons have blue to black distinctive marking and weigh around 20–25 tons, and are not expected to fight. Imperials are virtually identical to Lung Tien (Celestial) in appearance with the only difference of a frill of horns around the head and tendrils above the mouth.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Facts About Cigarette

* Cigarettes and other forms of tobacco are addictive.

* Nicotine is the drug in tobacco that causes addiction.

* The pharmacologic and behavioural processes that determine tobacco addiction are similar to those that determine addiction to drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

* Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 different chemicals. At least 50 are known carcinogens (cause cancer in humans) and many are poisonous.

* Cigarette smoking causes heart attacks, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, and cancer (particularly lung cancer, cancers of the larynx and mouth, and pancreatic cancer).

* Cigarette smokers generally weigh less (approximately 7 lb less on average) than non-smokers.

* Stress increases cigarette consumption among smokers.

* Smoking-material (lighted tobacco products including cigarettes) fires result in more deaths than any other type of residential fire.2

* One out of four fatal victims of smoking-material fires is not the smoker whose cigarette started the fire.2

* Tobacco dependence and nicotine addiction can be treated successfully.

* The World Health Organization estimates that tobacco caused 100 million deaths over the course of the 20th century.

* The death toll is projected to reach more than 8 million by 2030 if current trends continue.3

* There could be up to one billion deaths in the 21st century.3

* Almost half of the world's children breathe air polluted by tobacco smoke, which worsens their asthma conditions and causes dangerous diseases.3

* The International Labour Organization estimates that at least 200 000 workers die every year due to exposure to smoke at work.3

* Tobacco kills up to half of its regular users.

* On average 29% of people around the world smoke tobacco.

* An estimated 700 million children, or almost half of the world's children, breathe air polluted by tobacco smoke, particularly at home.3

Friday, September 23, 2011

You Know About Mysterious Organization That Called "Freemasonry" ?

Freemasonry is the International Jewish organization, was at once the secret movement of the largest and most influential palling around the world. Freemasonry consists of two words in the mash. Free means free or independent, while Mason is the chief stood up or developers.

The purpose of the end of the Freemason movement is re-build their dreams of ambition, which is set Haikal Sulaiman or Solomon's Temple.

About Haikal Sulaiman or Solomon's Temple itself that defines the many different sources. One of the most popular interpretation is, that Haikal Sulaiman was in the land it stands now in the Aqsa Mosque.

They believe, in 1012 BCE (BC), Solomon developed on Mt Soraya Haikal in the Palestinian territories. But in 586 BC, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon destroyed Haikal Suleiman. In 533 BC, the building was set back by a fellow named Zulbabil who has been free from the Babylonian captivity. On the independence of that, they develop back Haikal Sulaiman.

In the year 70 AD, a Roman ruler conquered Palestine and burn and destroy Haikal Suleiman. Constantly experienced crash after raid Hadrian Nations. Similarly, when Muslim power, it seems Haikal Sulaiman and instead destroy the Aqsa Mosque built in the 7th century.

But other commentators on this case as well as define Haikal Sulaiman vast territory stretches of power. There's even a pull up until the territory of Khaibar, when the Jews were expelled at the time of the Prophet Muhammad. Accordingly, they believe should dominate the globe, even to the land of Khaibar, where they were first expelled because of the traitorous in Allah and the charter of Madinah.

And for that they are working and developing, that is to grab Haikal Sulaiman, and erecting the might express, and influence the government and the influence of power they could. And to cast a power, one of the major obstacles faced by this movement is a religion, especially religion or religions of divine revelation, Christianity and Islam.

Before the Muslims realize the dangers of Freemasonry movement, resistance to the organization first made by church leaders. Resistance is caused by the Catholic church has become the organization Freemasons gather anti-religious people. In an article titled The Completion Period Of Freemasonry is in the Mimar Sinan, Turkey, Freemasons referred to as the place to meet members of the Masons who seek the truth outside the church. And it makes the early-18th century as a full years the battle between the Catholic church with the Freemasons in Europe. Since its humble beginnings, Fremason has supported freedom of religion, exactly as happened recently in various countries, the liberalization of religion.

Freemasonry stands in England is officially in the year 1717. However, it seems, prior to that time, Freemasonry was exist. Even the previous century. 1641, a British royal family, Robert Moray was noted as a member of the Freemasons branches in Edinburg, precisely May 20, 1641. Other names are also listed as a member of the Freemasons by Elias Ashmole in 1717 was recorded as a member of Freemasonry in Lanchasire on October 16, 1646. And it's also one of the royal family or royal family.

From the notes above, for that matter can be deduced that the year 1717 it is only in the strengthening of the stages done by Freemson movement. This year be a year of expansion to do and stick their influence around the world.

Year 1717 is used as the cornerstone of Freemasonry, ION will begin a very long war to the people of religion and the religion itself. A Protestant church in London heads the name of Anderson and Jewish blood as a motor actuator at 24 June 1717. Freemasons build on this momentum of the Grand Lodge of England, by combining the four lodges in one.

Many sources of Freemasonry, explaining that the history is deep rooted and movement can be tracked up to the Order of Knight Templar Crusaders currently in Jerusalem, Palestine. When Pope Urbanus II, in 1095, after Council of Clermont calling Holy War or Crusade, and mobilize Christians throughout Europe for the fight to seize power back from Muslim Jerusalem. Pope Urbanus II burning emotions by means of mass broadcasting false news. He said that Christians of the Palestinian people have been killed, massacred and burned in the churches by the Muslim Seljuk Turks teams. It also set fire to anger people by saying that Christian infidels (Muslims Turkey, pen.) Have been and are dominated tomb of Jesus Christ.

UrbanusII Pope called for the dispute that occurred during this inter kesatrian Christian converts and must end, because no enemy more dangerous and should be dihancurakan: Islam and the Muslims. It also mengiming-iming with heavenly palaver, that one right off to war freed from all sins and bail will get paradise. As a result, thousands of people leave for the Palestinian Christians in anger. And having arrived there, there was the massacre of the Palestinian population and Yerussalem.

For two days the massacre which occurred stampede out common sense and humanity. A total of 40,000 Palestinian residents terbantai. Some historians describe, when the blood flood the land of Jerusalem. Some are saying the blood back up as high as the ankle, and some even describe the blood back up to the adult human knee. Soldiers at war with the motivation for gold and gems, and many of the noted French knights cut through the stomach of their sacrifices. Merka to find gold or jewels that the possibility of swallowing Palestinian population as a salvage effort.

Once they control the Palestinian land, consisting of the Crusade of many elements from each group will build. They are combined in the ordo-specific ordo. Ordo members from across the European land, which accommodated in certain monasteries and practice ways of the military in the monastery. And one of many highly sticking ordo name is Knight of the Templar Order.

Knight Templar of the poor soldier also called Followers of Jesus Christ and the Temple of Solomon. Referred to as poor due to reflected from the logo they use, such as two soldiers who rode a donkey. To show that they are poor, so much so that a donkey should be boarded two of Knight Templar army. Even noted, they were forced to eat three times just in a week. While the name of the Temple of Solomon, they wore as they made their headquarters are believed to be the site or the collapse of the Temple of Solomon. But indeed, the election headquarters in the hills is not a coincidence that is geographically only, because the founder of Knight Templar Indeed ordo cirta have their own ambitions to bring success and stands the Temple of Solomon as a Jewish shrine or place people Mason. Throughout can be tracked, the founder of this ordo is two French knights, Hugh de Pavens and that is God frey de St Omer. Speculation among historians say, that there is Jewish blood flowing in the body and ambitions of the founder of Ordo Templar Knigh. The senior officer of the Christian, for they do convertion process just a way to save themselves, and indeed they still hold fast to the doctrines of the Jews, especially the Kabbalah.

Although they named themselves as the army of the poor, Indeed they are not poor at all. Or at least, the poor, they only think in the early establishment of Knight Templars. Within a short time they could become very rich by the way do have complete control of European pilgrims who came to Palestiana. One of them is a way to recruit young son of the aristocratic European course will equip their children with the supply of funds that seem to never dry numbers. They also referred to as the first pioneers of the banking system in the middle of the century.

At the time, many European people wishing to change or at least made a pilgrimage to Palestine. And of course a long way from Europe need not work for some. Some people take all of their assets in transit, but because the soldiers of the Cross along the journey of life in a condition very mengenaskan ayng and they are very Bricked by Various by wealth, is rarely a break-even among Christians killed each other along the road to Palestian. Then find the way, the pilgrims did not have to bring their property in the course. They just need to entrusted on a representative Templars in Europe, recording and calculating its value, and they set off to Palestine Armed with a note of the property will later be exchanged for the same money value in Palestina. This movement is more dominated by the Order of Knights Templar, which made them very wealthy benefit from the system due to their larger flowers. And this is the embryo or embryo banking we keanl now.

Knight of the Templar headquarters in France the home of the largest property in the European union. Sooner or later they became bankers to the Pope and the King. How to not get rich quick, every tahunyya King Henry II of England donated money to cover living expenses 15,000 soldiers Knight of Knight Templar and Hospitaler long as they fought in the Crusades in the year 1170. To illustrate the magnitude of the banking institutions conducted Templar, at that time this organization has 7,000 more officers just to take care of financial problems. They also have not less than 870 palaces, castles, and houses of the nobility, which stretches from London to Jerusalem.

Because of this ordo is so powerful, they eventually began to reveal its original features, ie, as both were Masons. They developed the doctrine and teachings of the mystical, magical strength in their monasteries. They are worshiping the devil and bring the spirits to communicate. What they practice is called Kabbalah, an ancient Jewish mystical tradition that has grown even since the days before the Pharaoh.

Knowing this, Philip le Bel King of France, in 1307 issued a call for the arrest and the dissolution of the Templar Knight of ordo because accused was guilty of heresy. In its development, Pope Clement V also joined forces to combat this by removing the racial Mason returned verdicts inquisisi. There was a lot of arrest and interrogation, and some leadership Ordo Templar Knight of the title Grand Master (this pronunciation is still used as the highest degrees in Freemasonry movement until now, pen) attended the sacrifice. From several arrests and recovered interograsi evidence that the members of the Templars had committed sexual crimes against several women aristocracy, commit sodomy, worshiped the cat, eat the flesh of their friends who have died. In fact, one eyewitness said, the Templars raping virgins to get pregnant and her baby were murdered in a sadistic way for later in the burn and take its oil, holy oil used for the presentation of their leaders.

In 1307, King Philip IV ordered the arrest of Jacques de Molay. And after going through torture to torture, de Molay admitted all the rituals performed by the innovations of the Templar Order. In 1312, Knight of the Templar Order are prohibited and dissolved. And on the order of the Church and King, two years later, namely in the year 1314, the Templar leaders put to death, including Jacques de Molay, Grand Master of the most important one of the Templar Order. Jacques de Molay himself divonis as a heretic (innovation) or disbelieved and punished by burning her alive in front of King Philip IV. And before blowing napasnya, de Molay out the words that King Philip and Pope Clement should follow, death, within one year. And recorded history, King Philip IV died seven months later, followed by Pope Clement died a month after King Philip.

Once this happens the Holocaust, the Jews again, this time starting with the case of Knight Templar Mason, or the people. The destruction was not only in Palestine, but also occur in Europe. They hunted for the arrested and killed. Until they finally succeeded to escape and seek protection from the King of Scotland, Robert The Bruce is appointed and occupy the thrones of King in 1306. And in this new land, they are organizing strength back. And Scotland into one that determines the development of Freemasonry movement.

In older versions of the history of Freemasonry is a story that mentioned the formation of Freemasonry at the time of the King of Israel, Herod Agrippa I, who died in 44 AD. Freemasons at this period is designed to contain the teachings presented by Jesus. They say that time his name The Secret of Hidden Power.

Its main purpose is hostile to the followers of Christ, they kidnap, kill, prohibits the dissemination of new religions, including old-baby killing Christians. But, in respect of all Herod's sadism done this, historians of the world, believes that it is only a mere myth in the Christian tradition. Herod Agrippa I perform all the mission of The Secret Power is assisted by two loyal followers, Heram Abioud as Vice President and Moab Leumi movement as the main secret of this movement. But some members of the Freemasons believe playmates and interesting as far as possible their historical past, even until the days of Pharaoh. That is to be one explanation of why they often use the symbols of ancient Egypt in the traditions and their ritual activities, such as the use of god Horus, the Pyramids, the Egyptian symbol of the Sun and many others. Use of this from the excavation of the Temple of Solomon by Templa and the discovery of the doctrines and teachings of the Kabbalah, which continues to explore and teach them by word of mouth. Excavations are so serious they do so soon will influence the way people view the Templar and their plan of life.

Even that is surprising is, in the ancient manuscripts said to Mason, the first Mason is Adam! The incident started when Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden tree leaves in the garden paradise. Sebagia leaves leaves called knowledge, and therefore the Lord forbid them to eat. Dr.Albert Mackei, a member of the Masons to form 33 degrees in the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry manuliskan, leaves the future of knowledge revealed in the two sons of Adam and Eve, Seth and Nimrod with the story of The Tower of Babel. Both these children are compiling a language for knowledge to be revealed to the people who are next. But, in the old parchment parchment-mentioned that, God deliberately demoralize people who lead secret language of science, the revelation of Adam to eat the leaves from the forbidden tree, lost and unknown people who are after Seth and Nimrod. And it is the second reason for this racial war against God.

In fact, according to the Talmud, the demons are the descendants of Adam and Eve. After Adam expelled from Paradise, it refused to interfere with his wife, Eve. And at that moment on, two female demons who live digauli mendatanggi second Adam by Adam. Mentioned in the Talmud, Adam mix female demon named Lelet for more than 130 years and produce many children so is Satan with Eve for the left by Adam, Eve also being associated by demons, men and gave birth to many children per tonne.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Theories About Bermuda Triangle - Supernatural Explanations

There are a number of supernatural concepts and theories that have been used by writers to explain the disappearances of ships and airplanes in the Bermuda triangle area.

One such explanation is based on the mythical lost city of Atlantis and the advanced technologies the city had left behind.

The Atlantis story talks about some under water rock formations on the ocean floor which is known as the Bimini Road.
These rocks are located near the coast of Bimini island in the Bahamas. Famous psychic Edgar Cayce once predicted that eventually this city of Atlantis will be discovered and the Bimini Road will be found. In fact researchers did find stones and other formations in this area in 1968, but called them natural occurring.

[Atlantis in Bermuda Triangle?]

Those who believe in Edgar's theory (and there are many of them) argue that those stones are so well arranged that they actually represent roads and walls of the Atlantis. By the way, the recent finding of a possible underwater city near Cuba adds fuel to the fire for those supporting the Atlantis idea.

So how is the mysterious disappearances connected with this supernatural story of Atlantis?

The legend says that the city of Atlantis heavily depended on some special energy crystals which were extremely powerful.

Those crystals radiated huge amounts of energy and caused the navigational instruments of passing ships and airplanes to malfunction. As a result they would have been lost or sometimes get completely destroyed by the sheer power of the energy.
There are other supernatural explanations as well. Some writers attribute the events to UFOs. This idea was used by Steven Spielberg for his science fiction film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which features the lost Flight 19 bomber planes abducted by the aliens.

[UFO Over The Bermuda Triangle?]

Even Charles Berlitz, the author of the best seller The Bermuda Triangle, in his book has used the concept of unexplained and strange forces in several cases of disappearances.

Here is one incidence that I'll finally leave you with:

S.V. Spray was a derelict fishing boat refitted as an ocean cruiser by a person named Joshua Slocum. He sailed on the ship to complete the first ever single-handed circumnavigation of the world between 1895 and 1898. In 1909, Slocum set sail from Vineyard Haven bound for Venezuela. Neither he nor Spray were ever seen again.

Theories About Bermuda Triangle - Electronic Fog

One of the explanations of Bermuda Triangle disappearances is based on electronic fog - something similar to what the Canadian scientist John Hutchison could demonstrate in his own lab.

It is something like a grayish cloud of electromagnetic fields that get formed above the ocean.

Such electronic fog seems to appear from nowhere and completely engulfs a ship or an aircraft.
The fog then keeps moving along with the ship or the plane. And soon, all the electronic systems and the instruments start going haywire. Nothing works correctly any longer. And finally the ship or the aircraft disappears without a trace.

So far, all such incidents of electronic fog had been described as supernatural phenomena, or as mere sensational stories from writers wanting to sell their own books on Bermuda Triangle.

This is despite the fact that some of the real SOS calls quoting the strange fog, actually came from veteran and experienced pilots or coast guards. Due to lack of any scientific explanations, these have been treated as unreal tales.

So what does Hutchison effect mean and what does it have to do with Bermuda Triangle?

It was in 1979, John Hutchison had shown that if electromagnetic fields of different wave lengths interplay with each other, at some point there may be strange things happening like - water swirling in a cup, objects like wood or metal start rising from the floor and float around, or some objects can even shoot off at fantastic speed.

Electromagnetism is the magnetic field that gets generated if a current is passed through a wire or a coil. Hutchison used his own apartment in Vancouver for his experiments. Due to lack of space, he crammed his many instruments in his small apartment. Almost all of them were crude machines generating different wavelengths of electromagnetic fields and working on normal power supply.

He demonstrated the strange behavior of objects over 750 times and proved that due to interplay of such electromagnetic fields, apparently weird things can happen.

For example metals melt, or break by sliding sidewise, or become white hot but do not burn anything that touches it.

There were cases where glass mirror got shattered outside his house, neighbors complain that objects in their house have started rising automatically from the floor.
In fact, Hutchison himself observed such strange phenomenon for the first time when he left all his machines powered on while working on some other experiments. An object unexpectedly touched his shoulder. He turned around to see that the object had risen from the floor and was now floating in the air.

John Hutchison has himself observed strange formation of metallic type fog which he could not see through. Many of the remarkable results were photographed and documented by McDonnell Douglas Aerospace and the Max Planck Institute in Germany.

Hutchison goes on to say "I have personally experienced the grayish-type mist when I was doing my high voltage research; and this mist would appear and disappear. To look at it, it looks like metallic. I couldn’t see through it. So it exists . . .it exists."

Commenting on the Bermuda Triangle incidences around electronic fog, he said "It is highly probable that nature can form these fields on her own and create the right situation for the ship or aircraft to either totally disintegrate or disappear into another dimension or domain".

While Hutchison's effect of electromagnetism has been proven, no one still knows why it actually happens and when will it exactly happen if the electromagnetic fields interplay.

Because, it is also observed that there is no fixed rule by which one can predictably create such strange effects. 99% of the time, it may not happen at all.

However, it is well understood that if Hutchison could generate such incredible effects with his hand made machines operating only out of his apartment's usual power supply, what may be the amount of energy unleashed if nature creates such effects. I guess a hint of such overwhelming power can be realized when we see lightning streaks across the sky that generates electrical power, enough to easily destroy trees and houses miles away.

Here is a real Bermuda Triangle incident where the experienced pilot Jenson reported that he was lost in a cloud only 150 feet above the ground. There was no reason for cloud to have formed at such low altitude. His voice was heard again after 11 hours, about 600 miles away from where he was lost earlier and that too long after his fuel was over. He vanished again without a trace.

Theories About Bermuda Triangle - Compass Variation

Compass variation has been one of the popular explanations for missing ships and planes in Bermuda Triangle.

So what is compass variation?

A compass actually points to the magnetic North, while the absolute geographic North (which is known as the North Pole) is located at Greenland. And these two are not the same location on the earth.

That's where the problem is. They are away by about 1500 miles.
Yes, that's correct. Many of us believe that if we keep following the 'N' of a compass, we will reach the absolute north (that is the north pole). If we do that, we will actually end up reaching Prince of Wales Island in the Northwest Territories of Canada, which is about 1500 miles away from the North Pole.

The angular gap between the absolute geographic North and the magnetic North is known as the compass variation. And the gap depends on the position of the ship or the plane. For example, from Azores the gap between the absolute North pole and where the compass actually points is 20 degrees. Whereas from coast of Florida, there is hardly any gap.

So what does Compass Variation got to do with Bermuda Triangle and the disappearances of ships and planes?

Well, the US Coast guards came out with some strange observations and a theory. Until then, the theory of compass variation was not known as a cause of Bermuda Triangle disappearance. Here is an extract from what the US coast guard communicated:

The majority of disappearances can be attributed to the area's unique environmental features. First, the "Devil's Triangle" is one of the two places on earth that a magnetic compass does point towards true north. Normally it points toward magnetic north. The difference between the two is known as compass variation. The amount of variation changes by as much as 20 degrees as one circumnavigates the earth. If this compass variation or error is not compensated for, a navigator could find himself far off course and in deep trouble.

Well, I think the above statement is quite misleading. First, the compass always points to the magnetic North. It does so even within the Bermuda Triangle area and does not point anywhere else.

However, it is true that if a ship moves along a specific narrow strip within Bermuda Triangle, the magnetic North and the absolute geographic North come into the same line. Which means the compass on this narrow strip will point to absolute North as well since both are the same along this line. So the compass variation, which is the gap between absolute and magnetic north, will show as zero. There is nothing strange about this.

Second, as a matter of norm, every navigator factors in the compass variation while creating the navigation charts. Otherwise, even with a 1 degree difference, the ship or the plane can end up miles away from its target when it traverses a long distance. So there was no reason to underestimate the navigators, who are supposed to consider the compass variation anyway as a matter of practice. And such practice prevails all over the world. So accidents or loss can happen all over the world and not just in Bermuda Triangle, if such compass adjustments are not done.

Third, there were so many pilots and captains who have been old hands in the area and had a vast knowledge of the locations and the environment, but still had fallen pray to the Bermuda Triangle's unknown forces. Compass variation or not, they knew their places at their finger tips. So how did those cases of disappearances take place?

Well when you analyze all these, the theory of compass variation to justify ships and planes getting lost in Bermuda triangle, seems to be a weak justification. Probably the US Coast Guards had to come out with some theory under tremendous pressures from the US Government and International community, as there were so may cases of disappearances taking place.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Theories About Bermuda Triangle - Methane Gas

It is known that large amounts of Methane gas are trapped thousands of feet below the seafloor.

If this gas gets released, water density in that area can reduce significantly and the frothy water can no longer provide the buoyancy required to keep a ship afloat.

The Methane Gas theory for disappearances of ships and planes in Bermuda Triangle was not much popular until 1998, when Dr. Ben Clennell of Leeds University England, delivered a lecture at Wales.
His main discussion was on Methane gas becoming a big source of future energy. He mentioned that volumes of Methane gas can get released as a result of landslides under the ocean floor.

He went on to state that in such an event, the water density in that area and right up to the surface can get so low that it can make a ship drop like a rock. And since the gas is highly combustible, an eruption can also cause a plane flying above it to catch fire and completely get destroyed.

Here is a similar Methane gas phenomena that I heard directly from a diving veteran of Bermuda at a 2005 conference in Bermuda. This is what he said while talking about ships and planes disappearing in Bermuda Triangle:

Methane gas bubbles are formed on the sea floor and gradually they rise to the surface. These gas bubbles are formed below the ocean floor due to dying and decomposing sea organisms. Initially they are very small in size. As they come up, they keep growing in size.

These gas bubbles become so big at times that they even get larger than size of a ship as they float right below the surface of the water. When a ship passes over it, the bubble bursts. And the vacuum inside the bubble completely engulfs the ship taking it down into the bottom. Even planes flying overhead could catch fire during such a blowout.

Well, there are many counter reasons why such Methane gas theory may not actually justify disappearances in Bermuda triangle. Here are those:

1. The largest chunks of Methane reserves are actually found at a distance away from the Bermuda triangle and not really inside the area where most of the disappearances have taken place.
2. Even if Methane gas is to erupt, it has to cross thousands of feet of sediments below the ocean floor and then more than a thousand feet of water in Bermuda Triangle to reach the surface, and then sink a ship. And it has to rise far beyond to burn an aircraft. This itself is a remote possibility. To imagine that a ship or a plane will exactly be there that time, possibility is miniscule.
3. How does it explain the lost ships or planes in Bahamas where water depth is only about 50 feet or so, and where any sunken ship can easily be found.
4. In some occasions, drilling rigs had unknowingly bored into Methane layer under the sea floor and it has been observed that they actually sank slowly due to less dense water. But it was a slow process and they all had enough time to send out messages a number of times. There was never any casualty. Also, in many cases helicopters circling around the area took close pictures of such incidences. And in no case, any helicopter hovering around the area was ever affected.

Lost Ships In Bermuda Triangle - Witchcraft

Witchcraft was a 23-foot long luxury cabin cruiser owned by Burrack, owner of a hotel. On December 22, 1967 he invited his close friend Father Patrick Horgan to show him the wonderful Christmas time lights along the shoreline of Miami at night.

Their plan was not to go too far. Instead go offshore for about a mile towards buoy #7, stop the engine, and enjoy the lights.

They left the Miami yacht marina in the evening and everything was going well till 9pm when the coast guards received a call from Burrack.
Well, it wasn't an SOS. Burrack's voice was steady and calm. He said that his boat seemed to have hit something, but it was not an emergency. He said his boat needed to be towed. At that time, they were not even a mile offshore.

From the message it was quite obvious that while there might have been some damages in the propeller or the rudder, the hull would have surely been intact. Otherwise Burrack would have called for an emergency. In fact Burrack also mentioned that he had flares with him and would fire one of them to let the coast guards know their exact position.

In about 19 minutes, the coast guards reached the point from where they thought they received the message.

There was no sign of the Witchcraft. Neither did Burrack fire any flares to indicate where he was, nor was his voice heard again.

That night the coast guards continued the search operations covering some 1200 square miles around the spot. No trace of Witchcraft or anyone on board.
Burrack was a veteran and an extremely cautious yachtsman. Apart from the usual life saving equipment like the floating cushions and life jackets, he had fixed a special floatation device in the boat to make it unsinkable. Which means, even if the hull is ruptured and the boat is flooded with water, a part of the hull will still be over the water.

In fact, coast guards do destroy boats with built-in flotation devices that are found half sunk in order to avoid navigational hazards for others. But in this case, nothing was visible. The coast guards even notified the private vessels up to 50 miles away to look out for any debris. They also expanded the search northwards towards the gulf stream. Still no luck.

There was a small thunderstorm on that night for a brief period. So one could imagine whether this squall could have swept the Witchcraft away. That doesn't seem possible either. Burrack would have got enough time to pass on another message or even fire a flare in such a case.

On December 28 after completing a search covering some 24,500 square miles, the coast guards had finally given up. Their final statement said - "They are presumed missing, but not lost at sea".

Lost Ships In Bermuda Triangle - USS Scorpio

USS Scorpion (SSN-589) was a Skipjack-class nuclear powered submarine of the USN (United States Navy).

Scorpion was declared lost on 5 June 1968 and that too while it was not at war.

Scorpion was commissioned on 29 July 1960. After initial assignments of training and other short operations, her home port became Norfolk in 1962 and remained so for rest of her career.
The Scorpion specialized in the development of nuclear submarine warfare tactics. Varying her role from hunter to hunted, she participated in exercises which ranged along the Atlantic coast and in the Bermuda and Puerto Rico operating areas.

In 1966, she was deployed for special operations and entered an inland Russian sea during a "Northern Run" where it successfully filmed a Soviet missile launch through its periscope before being forced flee from Soviet Navy ships by using its high speed.

On completion of such special operations, her commanding officer received the Navy Commendation Medal for outstanding leadership, foresight, and professional skill. Other Scorpion officers and crewmen were cited for meritorious achievement.

Scorpion was a fast attack submarine and had a reputation for excellence.

On 1 February 1967, Scorpion entered the Norfolk Naval Shipyard at her home port for an extended overhaul. In late October, she commenced refresher training and weapons system acceptance tests.

Later on 15 February 1968 she got underway for a Mediterranean deployment. Upon departing the Mediterranean on 16 May, she headed west for home.

On 21 May, she indicated her position to be about 50 miles south of the Azores. Six days later, she was reported overdue at Norfolk.

A search was initiated. But on 5 June, Scorpion and her crew were declared "presumed lost." Her name was struck off from the Navy list on 30 June.

The search continued and a Court of Inquiry was setup by the US navy. At the end of October, the Navy's Ocean research ship Mizar located sections of Scorpion's hull in more than 3000 meters (ie. about 10,000 feet) of water and about 400 miles southwest of the Azores.

Other vessels including the submersible Trieste that were later sent to the wreck area, collected lots of pictures and other information.

The submarine was broken into two major pieces: The forward hull section, including the torpedo room and most of the operations compartment, created one huge trench on impact with the sea floor, while the aft section including the reactor compartment and engine room, created a second impact trench. The sail is detached and lies nearby in a large debris field.

Much of the operations compartment had disappeared, and most of the debris was identified as coming from the operations compartment. One of Scorpion's running lights was locked in the open position as if it had been on the surface at the time of the mishap.

At the time of her sinking, there were 99 crewmen aboard Scorpion. The submarine contained a treasure-trove of highly sophisticated spy gear and spy manuals, two nuclear-tipped torpedoes, and a nuclear propulsion system. The best available evidence indicates that Scorpion sank in the Atlantic Ocean on 22 May 1968

Several theories and explanations have been given as cause of the loss, but none are conclusive. Some have suggested that attack by a Soviet submarine caused Scorpion's loss

The most likely cause was the activation of a torpedo by mistake at the time of inspection. The torpedo, in a fully ready condition and without a propeller guard, then began a live run within the tube. As soon as it got released from the tube, it struck its nearest target, the Scorpion itself. Alternatively, the torpedo may have exploded in the tube due to an uncontrollable fire in the torpedo room.

However, no one till date knows the real cause. The Navy's Court of Inquiry did not reconvene after the 1969 investigation, and did not take testimony from a group of submarine designers, engineers and physicists who spent nearly a year evaluating the data gathered from the wreck of Scorpion.

Lost Ships In Bermuda Triangle - USS Cyclops

USS Cyclops, a huge carrier ship, used to supply fuel to the American fleet during the World War I.

The Cyclops used to displace 12000 tons of water and was 522 foot long.

On 8th of January 1918, the ship started from the snow covered Norfolk navy port towards Rio of Brazil under the command of Lt. Commander Worley. The ship was only few years old. The purpose of this voyage was to unload coal at Rio and load Manganese ores which is used for making steel.
On 28th of January, the ship reached Rio. It would now dock here for two weeks. And as planned, large amount of coal was unloaded and in return, 10,000 tons of Manganese ores were loaded into the ship. So the ship was heavy and almost full.

On the day of its departure, surprisingly, some 73 odd local sailors were also ordered to board the ship. And more surprisingly, the American Consulate General of Rio, Gottschalk also boarded the ship. When asked, he mentioned that he wanted to enlist his name in the U.S army to serve the nation during the war.

USS Cyclops then set sale again on 16th of February with a total of 309 persons on board and huge load of cargo. It was homebound for Baltimore in U.S via Bahi.

Now there was another surprise. After the ship left Bahi, instead of going straight towards Baltimore, the captain took it to Barbados in West Indies on 3rd March. He said that they needed more fuel and supplies. Although the U.S Consul General in Barbados did not feel the necessity of loading more coal and supplies, but the captain insisted and it was finally agreed.

On 4th March, Cyclops set sale again and was scheduled to be reaching Baltimore on 13th March. But, it was never heard of again.

When the ship did not reach Baltimore on the 13th of March, a massive search began along her whole course.

Every naval ship from Cuba to Puerto Rico searched for any possible debris anticipating that it might had fallen pray to German Submarines. However, there was no trace of Cyclops.

Till date, this has remained as the greatest mystery of the ocean, and strangely, the ship was right in the middle of Bermuda Triangle.

So, what happened to USS Cyclops?

There are many theories, but none could prove it with real facts and evidence. Even after some 15,000-page report that the US Navy has produced probing the Cyclops mystery, most of the theories have remained as speculations. Here are some of them:

# The Captain Worley used to be hated by most of his fellow staff and officers. They always accused him to be a pro-German. It was actually found out later that Captain Worley was a German born and had a different name earlier. It is not known what caused him to change his name. Also Gottschalk, the US Consulate General of Rio, who surprisingly boarded the ship along with 73 other local sailors, was also very popular among the German community in Brazil. To top it all, lot more coal and fuel were loaded from Barbados when it was not scheduled for or even required.

So was it a case of Sabotage? Why was there no SOS call made by the captain. Since the US war with Germany already broke out by then, did the captain and Gottschalk connived together and sunk the ship or destroyed it? Or may be taken it all the way to Germany?

# Here is another theory. One of the navy officers, Nervig was onboard the Cyclops till Rio. He wrote a report that he often found the deck of the ship swaying when large waves struck the ship. So the ship was already showing signs of weakening and getting split up. This would have resulted in a major structural failure that sunk the ship.

# Another report says that on its sail from Rio, Cyclops was very heavily loaded with Manganese, fuel and many persons aboard. The load was more than the ship was designed to handle. A heavy mid oceanic storm had hit the ship and it overturned, cargo scattered and it all sank to the bottom of the ocean.

# Was the ship blasted by a German underwater mine or torpedoed by a German Sub? US Navy claims that such possibility does not exist if the ship had been on its right course. However, had the ship been off its track by a large margin, it would have perished.

Lost Ships In Bermuda Triangle - Ellen Austin

The Ellen Austin was an American schooner, a large multi-masted ship weighing over 1800 tons and was 210 feet long.

The ship was manufactured way back in 1854 in Maine. She used to ply between London and New York over the Bermuda Triangle zone in the Atlantic ocean.

In 1881 during one of her London - New York trips, she met with another ship on the way which was moving in good speed. Strangely, the other ship had no one onboard.
In order to salvage this unnamed ship, the captain of the Ellen Austin sent some of his prize crew on board this ship. When the crew boarded the ship, they in fact confirmed that there was not a single soul on board.

The captain of Ellen Austin ordered the crew to guide the ship so that they could all sail together to New York. After two days, the two ships got separated by a huge sea storm. And when the storm subsided, the unnamed ship was gone and never seen again.

Yes, the mystery of the ship is still being explored. The crew and the unknown ship could never be traced again.

However, in 1944, a retired British navy officer, Commander Gould wrote about this incident. In his article, he mentioned that the ship was actually found again by the Ellen Austin, but again like last time, there was no one on board. And the ship was sailing erratically. The crew were also gone.

The captain of Ellen Austin again sent some crew to the ship to salvage it. In few days time, the ship again disappeared and was never traced again.

While the first part of the story is confirmed, the second part could not be confirmed due to lack of proper evidence. Many initially related the case to UFOs and imagined that it could be a case of abduction by the aliens.

The fact is, the mystery is not yet solved to date. Note that Ellen Austin started its journey on December 5, 1880 from London and finally reached New York on February 11, 1881. It was an unusually long journey and indicates that a lot of time was spent in searching for the unnamed ship.

Lost Ships In Bermuda Triangle - Marine Sulphur Queen

SS Marine Sulphur Queen was originally a T2 tanker built in 1944. There were many such tankers built by the US during World War II to carry oil.

However in 1960, this 524-foot tanker was converted into a carrier of molten sulphur.

For that, they had to modify the ship's internal structure and build huge sulphur carrying tanks.

These tanks would always be kept heated up at high temperatures so that the sulphur remained molten.
On February 2nd 1963, Marine Sulphur Queen started her ill fated voyage from Beaumont, Texas destined towards Norfolk. She was carrying over 15000 tons of molten sulphur and 39 crew members on board.

She was last heard on Feb 4th when a routine radio message was received from the ship. There was nothing unusual in the message. However subsequently when all efforts to communicate with the ship failed, a massive search operation was launched. After 19 days of sea combing operation, the rescue team found only some debris and life preservatives. There was no trace of the ship or its crewmen. The ship had simply disappeared somewhere in the south Florida Straits.

-Investigation of Marine Sulphur Queen mystery

US Coast Guard launched an investigation into the mystery of Suplhur Queen. It was true that at the time of her disappearance, the sea was rough and the waves were some 16-foot high. But can that really make such a huge ship disintegrate altogether?

Here are some of the important investigation findings of US Coast Guards:

# The ship was often seen with fire around the Sulphur tanks. This was caused due to leakage and heat around the tanks. This was so common that often the crew did not even bother about it. In one occasion, the ship even came to a New Jersey port with such burning fire, offloaded sulphur and sailed out while there was still fire around the tanks.

# Due to heavy corrosion, the keel (a structure) in the middle portion of the ship was becoming very week. It was quite possible that the keel could split up. The ship was actually due for its routine maintenance in January before its sail. But the owners insisted that ship required to sail as it was behind its schedule of cargo deliveries. In fact, before the ship started its last sail, a crewman was heard telling his wife ... the ship was a "floating garbage can".


Well, as extensive search resulted into nothing but only some debris and such, the Coast Guards and the Navy Board reached the conclusion that the ship was actually lost in the sea. They also concluded that it was lost on February 4, 1963 near the Straits of Florida.

While they could not assign any definite cause to the loss, they highlighted that the following could have been the possibilities:

# An explosion could have taken place in the cargo tanks due to leakage.
# The vessel's hull may have split up into two.
# The ship may have been capsized in rough sea.
# A steam explosion may have happened and the crew would have got poisoned.

Lost Ships In Bermuda Triangle - Mary Celeste

On December 4, 1972 Mary Celeste, also known as the Ghost Ship, was found without a single soul on board while she was still sailing. She was located off the coast of Portugal heading towards the Strait of Gibraltar. This happened even though the weather was fine and she had very experienced and able crew. Here is the full story:

The Mary Celeste was Originally named "The Amazon", when it was built at the shipyards in Spencer Island in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1861.

It was launched in 1961 which also happened to be the year when the American Civil War broke out.

The brigantine Mary Celeste was 31 meters long, 7.6 meters wide and displaced 282 tons of water. However since her launch, she had always been influenced under some evil power.

During her first decade of operations, she was involved in several misadventures and passed through many changes of ownership. It was as if the ship was under the influence of a bad evil.

Look at the following chronological events:

# The First master Robert McLellan fell ill and died.

# On her maiden voyage commanded by John Parker, the ship suffered a big damage in her hull after running into a fishing dam off the sea. Mary Celeste required major repairs at the shipyards. Later, a fire broke out at the shipyards, terminating Parker’s command.

# During her first Atlantic crossing, she collided in the straits of Dover with a two-masted ship which sank. Mary Celeste again required repairs.

# Upon her return to America she ran aground off Cow Bay, Nova Scotia.

# After she was pulled out of the rocks, she continued to change hands between a number of owners. No one made any profit. In fact, some of them went bankrupt.

# Finally she was purchased by an American, James Winchester. James bought her at a New York salvage auction for $3,000. She went through extensive repairs and renovation. When she was back again, the ship looked completely different and hardly had any resemblance with 'The Amazon'. Her name was then changed to Mary Celeste.

In October 1872, Mary Celeste was made ready on a birth in New York's East River for a voyage to Genoa, Italy.

The captain of the ship was Benjamin Briggs aged 37. Briggs’ 30-year old wife Sarah and 2-year-old child were also in the ship. And there were 7 crew making it a total of 10 on board.

Captain Briggs was a very experienced and able seaman and captained five ships in his career. He himself was an owner of many ships and had spent most of his life on the sea.

Mary Celeste departed New York City on November 7, 1872. She was carrying a cargo of 1701 barrels of raw commercial alcohol valued at some $35,000 and had full insurance.

Strangely after almost a month of her sail, on December 4, 1872 a British Empire vessel named Dei Gratia found the Mary Celeste off the coast of Portugal. She apparently looked abandoned although still under sail. There was not a single soul on board.

So what could have been the cause of such mysterious abandonment? The weather was fine and she had 6 months of food and water. The crew were all very able seamen and trustworthy. Even the personal belongings including valuables were untouched.

Here are some speculations and theories behind the mystery of Mary Celeste:

Some speculated that the Mary Celeste had fallen pray to the North African pirates who were known to be operating in that area. The pirates would have killed all on board and threw the bodies over to the sea.

However, there was no such incidence of piracy reported in the Straits of Gibraltar for the last one decade. This is possibly because the British Navy were stationed there.

Even if there was piracy, it is almost impossible to believe that the pirates would spare all personal and valuable possessions of the crew members.

They did not even touch the cargo. Also there was no sign of violence on the ship.

-The Dei Gratia crew as suspects
Another theory was that the crew of the ship Dei Gratia that salvaged the abandoned Mary Celeste, would have murdered all on board and then fabricated the story of Ghost Ship in order to claim the salvage rights.

But this seems very unlikely. There was no sign of any struggle on Mary Celeste. Secondly, Dei Gratia departed one week after Mary Celeste did and could not have caught up with it. Also Morehouse, the captain of Dei Gratia was a good friend of Briggs.

-Insurance Scam
Some thought that the whole incidence was probably to make a fake insurance claim. But that would have required Morehouse of Dei Gratia to connive with Briggs to make it happen. While this was possible, the ship Mary Celeste did not belong to either of them. The owner was James Winchester.

Also, the insurance value was quite modest. So such a planned and staged act for such a modest amount looks quite improbable.

It's true that when the crew of Dei Gratia salvaged the Mary Celeste, they found a lot of water in between the decks and about 3 and half feet water in the hold. Also, two out of the three water pumps were found to be disassembled while only one was working. This led to the theory that Mary Celeste would have been hit by a severe storm and while it was sinking, captain Briggs ordered the crew to evacuate.

But there are fallacies to this theory as well. There was no such storm reported in that area of Atlantic during the time the Mary Celeste was discovered abandoned. Also, the water level was not enough for a captain to order evacuation. The ship was still in sail worthy condition. However, it is possible that since Brigg's own family was on board, he would have been extra cautious. Then why didn't they all return and explain the story to all?

-Drunken Crew
It was found that 9 out of the 1701 barrels of alcohol were empty. So there was a speculation that the crew members would have consumed all the alcohol, got drunk and murdered the captain and his family due to Brigg's tyranny over the years.

Sounds good, but seems unlikely. Briggs was known as an able and well behaved captain. Also, he was never heard consuming alcohol himself and therefore likely not to have allowed crew members to consume alcohol on board.

A modern Captain David Williams offered an explanation stating that there was earthquake under the sea. As a result the nine barrels would have got dislodged and the alcohol would have leaked. So that explains the empty barrels. Heavy rumbling of the sea made the crew members panic and they jumped into a small sailing dinghy boat. Later they tried to catch up with Mary Celeste but could not, and died on the sea.

Well, this sounds interesting too. But the fact is, the crew of Dei Gratia did not report any sign of rumbling or aftershock. Also, there was no quake reported at the nearby Portuguese islands or Azores during that time.

Out of all the theories, a possible explosion causing Mary Celeste's abandonment seems to be the one most likely, although it too has its own caveat. This theory was offered by James Winchester, the owner of Mary Celeste himself.

The nine barrels of alcohol which were found empty, were made of red oak and not white oak as the others. Red oaks are generally more porous. There may have been slow alcohol leakage thorough those. That would have create alcohol vapor in the hold. The barrels, that were tied with steel bands would have rubbed against each other. The friction in the steel bands then created a spark which would have then caused an explosion.

Captain Briggs seeing a violent gush of fumes and fire, would have panicked and ordered the crew to immediately get on to the life boats. In hurry, the crew could not possibly tie their boat to the ship with a strong rope. And subsequently, a strong wind would have swayed them off and all would have drowned, or died out of hunger or exposure to weather.

However, the caveat to this theory is that when Mary Celeste was salvaged, no one could get smell of the alcohol fumes outside the hold, nor could they see any burn marks. Who knows whether the nine barrels were actually loaded empty at New York itself!

There is no explanation that substantiates the Mary Celeste abandonment with full evidence and facts. So this remains as one of the greatest mysteries of the ocean.

By the way, this incidence of Mary Celeste is sometimes confused with another ship that had the same name and actually sank off the coast of Bermuda in September 1864.


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