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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Maroon 5 (Feat. Christina Aguilera) - Moves Like Jagger

Just Shoot For The Stars
If it Feels Right
Then Aim From My Heart
If you Feel Like
And Take Me Away
Make it Okay
I Swear I'll Behave

[Verse 2]
You Wanted Control
So We Waited
I Put On a Show
Now I Make it
You Said I'm a Kid
My Ego is Big
I Don't Give a Shit

And it Goes Like This
Take Me By The Tongue
And I'll Know You
Kiss Me Till You're Drunk
And I'll Show You All

The Moves Like Jagger
I've Got The Moves Like Jagger
I've Got The Moves Like Jagger

I Don't Need To Try To Control You
Look Into My Eyes and I'll Own You
With Them Moves Like Jagger
I've Got The Moves Like Jagger
I've Got The Moves Like Jagger

[Verse 3]

Maybe It's Hard
When You Feel Like
You're Broken And Scarred
Nothing Feels Right
But When You're With Me
I'll Make You Believe
That I've Got The Key (Oh! )

[Verse 4]

So Get In The Car
We Can Ride it
Wherever You Want
Get Inside it
And You Want to Steer
But I'm Shifting Gears
I'll Take it From Here

And it Goes Like This
Take Me By The Tongue
And I'll Know You
Kiss Me Till You're Drunk
And I'll Show You All

The Moves Like Jagger
I've Got The Moves Like Jagger
I've Got The Moves Like Jagger

I Don't Need To Try To Control You
Look Into My Eyes and I'll Own You
With Them Moves Like Jagger
I've Got The Moves Like Jagger
I've Got The Moves Like Jagger

[Chistina's Verse]
You Wanna Know
How To Make Me Smile
Take Control
Own Me Just For The Night
And If I Share My Secret
You're Gonna Have To Keep it
Nobody Else Can See This

So Watch An Learn
I Won't Show You Twice
Head To Toe
Oooh Baby Rub Me Right

But If I Share My Secret
You're Gonna Have To Keep it
Nobody Else Can See This

And it Goes Like This
Take Me By The Tongue
And I'll Know You
Kiss Me Till You're Drunk
And I'll Show You All

The Moves Like Jagger
I've Got The Moves Like Jagger
I've Got The Moves Like Jagger

I Don't Need To Try To Control You
Look Into My Eyes and I'll Own You
With Them Moves Like Jagger
I've Got The Moves Like Jagger
I've Got The Moves Like Jagger

Five - We Will Rock You

Buddy you're a boy
Make a big noise playin' in the street
Gonna be a big man some day
You got blood on your face, big disgrace
Kicking your can all over the place

We will, we will rock you (ha ha)
We will, we will rock you (C'mon)

Keep the beat up, why, I'm gonna turn your heat up
Gonna get you on the floor, gonna burn your feet up
Rockin' you, like I've never rocked you before
Like the way I do, got your screaming for more
We're causin' utter devastation
When we're stepping to the place
And better believe that you can see
We're gonna rock and never stop
And here we go again
Hit you with the flow again
Kick it up the second time around
We'll bring it on again - shout it out

We will, we will rock you (we're gonna rock, we're gonna rock ya baby!)
We will, we will rock you (we're gonna rock, we gonna rock, we gonna rock ya)
We will, we will rock you (we're gonna rock, we're gonna rock ya baby!)
We will, we will rock you

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go,


Buddy you're an old man, poor man pleading with your eyes
Gonna make you something some day
You got mud on your face, big disgrace
Somebody better put you back in your place

We will, we will rock you (we're gonna rock, we're gonna rock ya baby!)
We will, we will rock you (we're gonna rock ya)
We will, we will rock you (we're gonna rock, we're gonna rock ya baby!)
We will, we will rock you (yeah, yeah)
We will, we will rock you (yeah, yeah)
We will, we will rock you (yeah, yeah)
We will, we will rock you (yeah, yeah)
We will, we will rock you
We will, we will rock you
We will, we will rock you
We will, we will rock you

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ghost Story Part 3 - Axe Murder Hollow

[A Pennsylvania Ghost Story]

[Retold by S.E. Schlosser]

Susan and Ned were driving through a wooded empty section of highway. Lightning flashed, thunder roared, the sky went dark in the torrential downpour.
“We’d better stop,” said Susan.
Ned nodded his head in agreement. He stepped on the brake, and suddenly the car started to slide on the slick pavement. They plunged off the road and slid to a halt at the bottom of an incline.
Pale and shaking, Ned quickly turned to check if Susan was all right. When she nodded, Ned relaxed and looked through the rain soaked windows.
“I’m going to see how bad it is,” he told Susan, and when out into the storm. She saw his blurry figure in the headlight, walking around the front of the car. A moment later, he jumped in beside her, soaking wet.
“The car’s not badly damaged, but we’re wheel-deep in mud,” he said. “I’m going to have to go for help.”
Susan swallowed nervously. There would be no quick rescue here. He told her to turn off the headlights and lock the doors until he returned.
Axe Murder Hollow. Although Ned hadn’t said the name aloud, they both knew what he had been thinking when he told her to lock the car. This was the place where a man had once taken an axe and hacked his wife to death in a jealous rage over an alleged affair. Supposedly, the axe-wielding spirit of the husband continued to haunt this section of the road.
Outside the car, Susan heard a shriek, a loud thump, and a strange gurgling noise. But she couldn’t see anything in the darkness.
Frightened, she shrank down into her seat. She sat in silence for a while, and then she noticed another sound. Bump. Bump. Bump. It was a soft sound, like something being blown by the wind.
Suddenly, the car was illuminated by a bright light. An official sounding voice told her to get out of the car. Ned must have found a police officer. Susan unlocked the door and stepped out of the car. As her eyes adjusted to the bright light, she saw it.
Hanging by his feet from the tree next to the car was the dead body of Ned. His bloody throat had been cut so deeply that he was nearly decapitated. The wind swung his corpse back and forth so that it thumped against the tree. Bump. Bump. Bump.
Susan screamed and ran toward the voice and the light. As she drew close, she realized the light was not coming from a flashlight. Standing there was the glowing figure of a man with a smile on his face and a large, solid, and definitely real axe in his hands. She backed away from the glowing figure until she bumped into the car.
“Playing around when my back was turned,” the ghost whispered, stroking the sharp blade of the axe with his fingers. “You’ve been very naughty.”
The last thing she saw was the glint of the axe blade in the eerie, incandescent light.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Arc de Triomphe / Triumphal Arch

The Arc de Triomphe (Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile) is one of the most famous monuments in Paris. It stands in the centre of the Place Charles de Gaulle (originally named Place de l'Étoile), at the western end of the Champs-Élysées. There is a smaller arch, the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, which stands west of the Louvre. The Arc de Triomphe (in English: "Triumphal Arch") honours those who fought and died for France in the French Revolutionary and the Napoleonic Wars, with the names of all French victories and generals inscribed on its inner and outer surfaces. Beneath its vault lies the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from World War I.

The Arc de Triomphe is the linchpin of the historic axis (Axe historique) – a sequence of monuments and grand thoroughfares on a route which goes from the courtyard of the Louvre, to the Grande Arche de la Défense. The monument was designed by Jean Chalgrin in 1806, and its iconographic program pitted heroically nude French youths against bearded Germanic warriors in chain mail. It set the tone for public monuments, with triumphant patriotic messages.

The monument stands 50 metres (164 ft) in height, 45 m (148 ft) wide and 22 m (72 ft) deep. The large vault is 29.19 m (95.8 ft) high and 14.62 m (48.0 ft) wide. The small vault is 18.68 m (61.3 ft) high and 8.44 m (27.7 ft) wide. It is the second largest triumphal arch in existence (after Arch of Triumph in Pyongyang). Its design was inspired by the Roman Arch of Titus. The Arc de Triomphe is so colossal that three weeks after the Paris victory parade in 1919, (marking the end of hostilities in World War I), Charles Godefroy flew his Nieuport biplane through it, with the event captured on newsreel.

The Arc is located on the right bank of the Seine at the centre of a dodecagonal configuration of twelve radiating avenues. It was commissioned in 1806 after the victory at Austerlitz by Emperor Napoleon at the peak of his fortunes. Laying the foundations alone took two years and, in 1810, when Napoleon entered Paris from the west with his bride Archduchess Marie-Louise of Austria, he had a wooden mock-up of the completed arch constructed. The architect, Jean Chalgrin, died in 1811 and the work was taken over by Jean-Nicolas Huyot. During the Bourbon Restoration, construction was halted and it would not be completed until the reign of King Louis-Philippe, between 1833 and 1836, by the architects Goust, then Huyot, under the direction of Héricart de Thury. On 15 December 1840, brought back to France from Saint Helena, Napoleon's remains passed under it on their way to the Emperor's final resting place at the Invalides. Prior to burial in the Panthéon, the body of Victor Hugo was exposed under the Arc during the night of 22 May 1885.

The sword carried by the Republic in the Marseillaise relief broke off on the day, it is said, that the Battle of Verdun began in 1916. The relief was immediately hidden by tarpaulins to conceal the accident and avoid any undesired ominous interpretations[citation needed]. On 7 August 1919, Charles Godefroy successfully flew his biplane under the Arc. Jean Navarre was the pilot who was tasked to make the flight, but he died on 10 July 1919 when he crashed near Villacoublay while training for the flight.

Following its construction, the Arc de Triomphe became the rallying point of French troops parading after successful military campaigns and for the annual Bastille Day Military Parade. Famous victory marches around or under the Arc have included the Germans in 1871, the French in 1919, the Germans in 1940, and the French and Allies in 1944 and 1945. A United States postage stamp of 1945 shows the Arc de Triomphe in the background as victorious American troops march down the Champs-Élysées and U.S. airplanes fly overhead on 29 August 1944. After the interment of the Unknown Soldier, however, all military parades (including the aforementioned post-1919) have avoided marching through the actual arch. The route taken is up to the arch and then around its side, out of respect for the tomb and its symbolism. Both Hitler in 1940 and de Gaulle in 1944 observed this custom.

By the early 1960s, the monument had grown very blackened from coal soot and automobile exhaust, and during 1965–1966 it was cleaned through bleaching.

In the prolongation of the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, a new arch, the Grande Arche de la Défense, was built in 1982, completing the line of monuments that forms Paris's Axe historique. After the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel and the Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile, the Grande Arche is the third arch built on the same perspective.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Amazing Dragons

1. Kazilik

Beautiful Scarlet dragons with green black markings are Turkish Kazilik. Their known members are Iskierka, Bezaid and Sherazde. The excellent fire breathing ability of the Kazilik, makes them special and valuable. They are heavyweight dragons when most fire breathers are light to middleweight. Kaziliks are difficult to disguise or decoy, a common tactic used to protect fire breathing dragons, because of their two distinctive horns. The species is known a for strong fighting spirit, which only further increased their military value. A Kazilik egg was worth 500,000 pounds.

21. Red Dragon

The producers of deadly balls of fire, the Red Dragons are greedy and covetous. They were found in warm habitats, such as volcanoes or tropical islands. Their cunning nature and vanity made them more of an enemy than a friend. A red dragon can be identified by is long wings and two long horns. He has a long, red, forked tongue with gleaming eyes. The breed smells of smoke and sulfur. They killed people and loved to drink their blood.

3. Aquatic/Marine Dragon

Aquatic or marine dragons are also known as sea serpents. Some of the prehistoric dragon species were aquatic or semi-aquatic. These aquatic dragons survived the cataclysmic mass extinction which occurred about 65 million years ago. Some of these new dragons recolonized the land, occupying a world vacated by dinosaurs and earlier dragons. Their supplementary limbs evolved into fully functional wings of flying dragons. As time passed, they adapted to a fully aquatic life and their rudimentary wings became fins. It is also said that sea dragons had a pair of horns a “collar” or neck frill. Loch Ness Monster is an excellent example of the sea dragons.

4. Blue Dragon

Blue dragons like other dragons have their own distinctive traits. They are thoughtful, vain and lawful. They loved to live in hot, dry areas such as sandy deserts. This particular breed had unique and strange shaped frilled ears and a single horn upon his head. His eyes were smooth, glossy, and without pupils. The blue dragons were large.

5. Flecha-del-Fuego – Arrow of The Fire

Spanish lightweight breed can breathe fire. It has a black body with white wings and red head shoulders, neck and the front of their wings. They are about 40-50 feet tall and weighs between 8-10 tons. The males have horns and frills like the Kazilik. It can breathe fire up to 50 yards maintaining it for 1½ minutes. They are extremely fast and maneuverable and their streamlined wings help them take fast and sharper turns than most dragons. Yellow Reaper breed is unfairly maligned but they have some good qualities too. They can bear extreme weather conditions and are good humored.

6. Green Dragon

Of the four chromatic colored dragons, Green Dragons are the weakest. They were considered evil in nature. The green dragon is master of intrigue, politics, and backbiting. Green dragons inhabited forests. The dragon is huge with long neck and legs. It’s head is covered in hornets and it resembles a brontasaurus. Green dragons love to play with their prey. The dragon is good at tracking and breathes poisonous gas, that is, a toxic chlorine gas.

7. Regal Copper Dragon

These British dragons are decedents of the the Spanish Cauchador Real mixed with the smaller British breed known as Bright Coppers. They are very large with red to yellow coloring. Their common members are Maximus, Laetificat, Requiescat. It was a successful breeding experiment, as Regal Coppers were both larger than their ancestors and better able to sustain flight over distance. They were not prolific, with only four or five Regal Coppers born in a generation. Adult Regal Coppers weighed as much as 50 tons and were as long as 120 feet and female Regal Coppers tended to be slightly larger than males.

8. Lung Shen Dragon

Lung Shen Dragons are Chinese dragons with various shades of blue-gray. They sometimes have a spiked spine. These dragons existed in variable sizes. This is one of the most old breed of the dragon parenting many superior Chinese dragons with a design similar to the British Yellow Reaper. Their appearance and size varied greatly, but their blue-grey coloring seemed to be their main common point. They and the other species originating from them have long wings. They served variety of purposes including mass transit for humans, carrying freight, nursemaiding dragonets, and entering the civil service. Shen-lung in the civil service wore colored silk collars indicating their ranks. The wisest among the Lung Shen dragons were granted the privilege of mating with an Imperial.

9. Yellow Reaper

These middleweight yellowish golden colored dragons are Yellow Reapers. Yellow Reapers are British dragons. They weigh between 12–15 tons. Dragons are known for their hot temperament and fiery nature but strangely enough these dragons have distinctive even temperament. They are calm and slow in their motions, with a top speed of approximately 20 knots. The larger Regal Coppers capable of faster (though not longer) flight. Yellow Reapers have an average wingspan of 80 feet and are generally around 50 feet long.

10. Lung Yin Dragon – The Imperial Dragon

These huge and heavyweight Chinese dragons are known for their intelligence. Lung Yin dragons have blue to black distinctive marking and weigh around 20–25 tons, and are not expected to fight. Imperials are virtually identical to Lung Tien (Celestial) in appearance with the only difference of a frill of horns around the head and tendrils above the mouth.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Facts About Cigarette

* Cigarettes and other forms of tobacco are addictive.

* Nicotine is the drug in tobacco that causes addiction.

* The pharmacologic and behavioural processes that determine tobacco addiction are similar to those that determine addiction to drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

* Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 different chemicals. At least 50 are known carcinogens (cause cancer in humans) and many are poisonous.

* Cigarette smoking causes heart attacks, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, and cancer (particularly lung cancer, cancers of the larynx and mouth, and pancreatic cancer).

* Cigarette smokers generally weigh less (approximately 7 lb less on average) than non-smokers.

* Stress increases cigarette consumption among smokers.

* Smoking-material (lighted tobacco products including cigarettes) fires result in more deaths than any other type of residential fire.2

* One out of four fatal victims of smoking-material fires is not the smoker whose cigarette started the fire.2

* Tobacco dependence and nicotine addiction can be treated successfully.

* The World Health Organization estimates that tobacco caused 100 million deaths over the course of the 20th century.

* The death toll is projected to reach more than 8 million by 2030 if current trends continue.3

* There could be up to one billion deaths in the 21st century.3

* Almost half of the world's children breathe air polluted by tobacco smoke, which worsens their asthma conditions and causes dangerous diseases.3

* The International Labour Organization estimates that at least 200 000 workers die every year due to exposure to smoke at work.3

* Tobacco kills up to half of its regular users.

* On average 29% of people around the world smoke tobacco.

* An estimated 700 million children, or almost half of the world's children, breathe air polluted by tobacco smoke, particularly at home.3

Friday, September 23, 2011

You Know About Mysterious Organization That Called "Freemasonry" ?

Freemasonry is the International Jewish organization, was at once the secret movement of the largest and most influential palling around the world. Freemasonry consists of two words in the mash. Free means free or independent, while Mason is the chief stood up or developers.

The purpose of the end of the Freemason movement is re-build their dreams of ambition, which is set Haikal Sulaiman or Solomon's Temple.

About Haikal Sulaiman or Solomon's Temple itself that defines the many different sources. One of the most popular interpretation is, that Haikal Sulaiman was in the land it stands now in the Aqsa Mosque.

They believe, in 1012 BCE (BC), Solomon developed on Mt Soraya Haikal in the Palestinian territories. But in 586 BC, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon destroyed Haikal Suleiman. In 533 BC, the building was set back by a fellow named Zulbabil who has been free from the Babylonian captivity. On the independence of that, they develop back Haikal Sulaiman.

In the year 70 AD, a Roman ruler conquered Palestine and burn and destroy Haikal Suleiman. Constantly experienced crash after raid Hadrian Nations. Similarly, when Muslim power, it seems Haikal Sulaiman and instead destroy the Aqsa Mosque built in the 7th century.

But other commentators on this case as well as define Haikal Sulaiman vast territory stretches of power. There's even a pull up until the territory of Khaibar, when the Jews were expelled at the time of the Prophet Muhammad. Accordingly, they believe should dominate the globe, even to the land of Khaibar, where they were first expelled because of the traitorous in Allah and the charter of Madinah.

And for that they are working and developing, that is to grab Haikal Sulaiman, and erecting the might express, and influence the government and the influence of power they could. And to cast a power, one of the major obstacles faced by this movement is a religion, especially religion or religions of divine revelation, Christianity and Islam.

Before the Muslims realize the dangers of Freemasonry movement, resistance to the organization first made by church leaders. Resistance is caused by the Catholic church has become the organization Freemasons gather anti-religious people. In an article titled The Completion Period Of Freemasonry is in the Mimar Sinan, Turkey, Freemasons referred to as the place to meet members of the Masons who seek the truth outside the church. And it makes the early-18th century as a full years the battle between the Catholic church with the Freemasons in Europe. Since its humble beginnings, Fremason has supported freedom of religion, exactly as happened recently in various countries, the liberalization of religion.

Freemasonry stands in England is officially in the year 1717. However, it seems, prior to that time, Freemasonry was exist. Even the previous century. 1641, a British royal family, Robert Moray was noted as a member of the Freemasons branches in Edinburg, precisely May 20, 1641. Other names are also listed as a member of the Freemasons by Elias Ashmole in 1717 was recorded as a member of Freemasonry in Lanchasire on October 16, 1646. And it's also one of the royal family or royal family.

From the notes above, for that matter can be deduced that the year 1717 it is only in the strengthening of the stages done by Freemson movement. This year be a year of expansion to do and stick their influence around the world.

Year 1717 is used as the cornerstone of Freemasonry, ION will begin a very long war to the people of religion and the religion itself. A Protestant church in London heads the name of Anderson and Jewish blood as a motor actuator at 24 June 1717. Freemasons build on this momentum of the Grand Lodge of England, by combining the four lodges in one.

Many sources of Freemasonry, explaining that the history is deep rooted and movement can be tracked up to the Order of Knight Templar Crusaders currently in Jerusalem, Palestine. When Pope Urbanus II, in 1095, after Council of Clermont calling Holy War or Crusade, and mobilize Christians throughout Europe for the fight to seize power back from Muslim Jerusalem. Pope Urbanus II burning emotions by means of mass broadcasting false news. He said that Christians of the Palestinian people have been killed, massacred and burned in the churches by the Muslim Seljuk Turks teams. It also set fire to anger people by saying that Christian infidels (Muslims Turkey, pen.) Have been and are dominated tomb of Jesus Christ.

UrbanusII Pope called for the dispute that occurred during this inter kesatrian Christian converts and must end, because no enemy more dangerous and should be dihancurakan: Islam and the Muslims. It also mengiming-iming with heavenly palaver, that one right off to war freed from all sins and bail will get paradise. As a result, thousands of people leave for the Palestinian Christians in anger. And having arrived there, there was the massacre of the Palestinian population and Yerussalem.

For two days the massacre which occurred stampede out common sense and humanity. A total of 40,000 Palestinian residents terbantai. Some historians describe, when the blood flood the land of Jerusalem. Some are saying the blood back up as high as the ankle, and some even describe the blood back up to the adult human knee. Soldiers at war with the motivation for gold and gems, and many of the noted French knights cut through the stomach of their sacrifices. Merka to find gold or jewels that the possibility of swallowing Palestinian population as a salvage effort.

Once they control the Palestinian land, consisting of the Crusade of many elements from each group will build. They are combined in the ordo-specific ordo. Ordo members from across the European land, which accommodated in certain monasteries and practice ways of the military in the monastery. And one of many highly sticking ordo name is Knight of the Templar Order.

Knight Templar of the poor soldier also called Followers of Jesus Christ and the Temple of Solomon. Referred to as poor due to reflected from the logo they use, such as two soldiers who rode a donkey. To show that they are poor, so much so that a donkey should be boarded two of Knight Templar army. Even noted, they were forced to eat three times just in a week. While the name of the Temple of Solomon, they wore as they made their headquarters are believed to be the site or the collapse of the Temple of Solomon. But indeed, the election headquarters in the hills is not a coincidence that is geographically only, because the founder of Knight Templar Indeed ordo cirta have their own ambitions to bring success and stands the Temple of Solomon as a Jewish shrine or place people Mason. Throughout can be tracked, the founder of this ordo is two French knights, Hugh de Pavens and that is God frey de St Omer. Speculation among historians say, that there is Jewish blood flowing in the body and ambitions of the founder of Ordo Templar Knigh. The senior officer of the Christian, for they do convertion process just a way to save themselves, and indeed they still hold fast to the doctrines of the Jews, especially the Kabbalah.

Although they named themselves as the army of the poor, Indeed they are not poor at all. Or at least, the poor, they only think in the early establishment of Knight Templars. Within a short time they could become very rich by the way do have complete control of European pilgrims who came to Palestiana. One of them is a way to recruit young son of the aristocratic European course will equip their children with the supply of funds that seem to never dry numbers. They also referred to as the first pioneers of the banking system in the middle of the century.

At the time, many European people wishing to change or at least made a pilgrimage to Palestine. And of course a long way from Europe need not work for some. Some people take all of their assets in transit, but because the soldiers of the Cross along the journey of life in a condition very mengenaskan ayng and they are very Bricked by Various by wealth, is rarely a break-even among Christians killed each other along the road to Palestian. Then find the way, the pilgrims did not have to bring their property in the course. They just need to entrusted on a representative Templars in Europe, recording and calculating its value, and they set off to Palestine Armed with a note of the property will later be exchanged for the same money value in Palestina. This movement is more dominated by the Order of Knights Templar, which made them very wealthy benefit from the system due to their larger flowers. And this is the embryo or embryo banking we keanl now.

Knight of the Templar headquarters in France the home of the largest property in the European union. Sooner or later they became bankers to the Pope and the King. How to not get rich quick, every tahunyya King Henry II of England donated money to cover living expenses 15,000 soldiers Knight of Knight Templar and Hospitaler long as they fought in the Crusades in the year 1170. To illustrate the magnitude of the banking institutions conducted Templar, at that time this organization has 7,000 more officers just to take care of financial problems. They also have not less than 870 palaces, castles, and houses of the nobility, which stretches from London to Jerusalem.

Because of this ordo is so powerful, they eventually began to reveal its original features, ie, as both were Masons. They developed the doctrine and teachings of the mystical, magical strength in their monasteries. They are worshiping the devil and bring the spirits to communicate. What they practice is called Kabbalah, an ancient Jewish mystical tradition that has grown even since the days before the Pharaoh.

Knowing this, Philip le Bel King of France, in 1307 issued a call for the arrest and the dissolution of the Templar Knight of ordo because accused was guilty of heresy. In its development, Pope Clement V also joined forces to combat this by removing the racial Mason returned verdicts inquisisi. There was a lot of arrest and interrogation, and some leadership Ordo Templar Knight of the title Grand Master (this pronunciation is still used as the highest degrees in Freemasonry movement until now, pen) attended the sacrifice. From several arrests and recovered interograsi evidence that the members of the Templars had committed sexual crimes against several women aristocracy, commit sodomy, worshiped the cat, eat the flesh of their friends who have died. In fact, one eyewitness said, the Templars raping virgins to get pregnant and her baby were murdered in a sadistic way for later in the burn and take its oil, holy oil used for the presentation of their leaders.

In 1307, King Philip IV ordered the arrest of Jacques de Molay. And after going through torture to torture, de Molay admitted all the rituals performed by the innovations of the Templar Order. In 1312, Knight of the Templar Order are prohibited and dissolved. And on the order of the Church and King, two years later, namely in the year 1314, the Templar leaders put to death, including Jacques de Molay, Grand Master of the most important one of the Templar Order. Jacques de Molay himself divonis as a heretic (innovation) or disbelieved and punished by burning her alive in front of King Philip IV. And before blowing napasnya, de Molay out the words that King Philip and Pope Clement should follow, death, within one year. And recorded history, King Philip IV died seven months later, followed by Pope Clement died a month after King Philip.

Once this happens the Holocaust, the Jews again, this time starting with the case of Knight Templar Mason, or the people. The destruction was not only in Palestine, but also occur in Europe. They hunted for the arrested and killed. Until they finally succeeded to escape and seek protection from the King of Scotland, Robert The Bruce is appointed and occupy the thrones of King in 1306. And in this new land, they are organizing strength back. And Scotland into one that determines the development of Freemasonry movement.

In older versions of the history of Freemasonry is a story that mentioned the formation of Freemasonry at the time of the King of Israel, Herod Agrippa I, who died in 44 AD. Freemasons at this period is designed to contain the teachings presented by Jesus. They say that time his name The Secret of Hidden Power.

Its main purpose is hostile to the followers of Christ, they kidnap, kill, prohibits the dissemination of new religions, including old-baby killing Christians. But, in respect of all Herod's sadism done this, historians of the world, believes that it is only a mere myth in the Christian tradition. Herod Agrippa I perform all the mission of The Secret Power is assisted by two loyal followers, Heram Abioud as Vice President and Moab Leumi movement as the main secret of this movement. But some members of the Freemasons believe playmates and interesting as far as possible their historical past, even until the days of Pharaoh. That is to be one explanation of why they often use the symbols of ancient Egypt in the traditions and their ritual activities, such as the use of god Horus, the Pyramids, the Egyptian symbol of the Sun and many others. Use of this from the excavation of the Temple of Solomon by Templa and the discovery of the doctrines and teachings of the Kabbalah, which continues to explore and teach them by word of mouth. Excavations are so serious they do so soon will influence the way people view the Templar and their plan of life.

Even that is surprising is, in the ancient manuscripts said to Mason, the first Mason is Adam! The incident started when Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden tree leaves in the garden paradise. Sebagia leaves leaves called knowledge, and therefore the Lord forbid them to eat. Dr.Albert Mackei, a member of the Masons to form 33 degrees in the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry manuliskan, leaves the future of knowledge revealed in the two sons of Adam and Eve, Seth and Nimrod with the story of The Tower of Babel. Both these children are compiling a language for knowledge to be revealed to the people who are next. But, in the old parchment parchment-mentioned that, God deliberately demoralize people who lead secret language of science, the revelation of Adam to eat the leaves from the forbidden tree, lost and unknown people who are after Seth and Nimrod. And it is the second reason for this racial war against God.

In fact, according to the Talmud, the demons are the descendants of Adam and Eve. After Adam expelled from Paradise, it refused to interfere with his wife, Eve. And at that moment on, two female demons who live digauli mendatanggi second Adam by Adam. Mentioned in the Talmud, Adam mix female demon named Lelet for more than 130 years and produce many children so is Satan with Eve for the left by Adam, Eve also being associated by demons, men and gave birth to many children per tonne.


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